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A Message from Skip Gleavey

“Being selected for the Thanksgiving House’s SEED project is, simply put, a Godsend. For the past 11 months I have been living in just two rooms: the kitchen and the living room. In the kitchen is the bed where I sleep and take sponge baths, a small area set up as desk space for my computer and, of course, the kitchen itself. The living room is where we eat on tray tables and attempt to relax.

How can one put a value on self-worth, pride and dignity? For sure they are all intertwined, and one is affected by the inability to function like an able-bodied adult. With the support of Thanksgiving House I will get access to a roll-in shower and finally be able to take showers for the first time in 11 months. The bathroom will also be enlarged allowing me to close the door when necessary, giving me back some privacy and dignity. Finally, with the additional changes being made by Thanksgiving House, I will be able to reach the cupboards, microwave, faucets and many other areas without the fear of falling out of my wheelchair. All these changes will give my feeling of self-worth a much needed boost.

It is amazing how much we take for granted as able-bodied individuals … such simple things as brushing our teeth and showering. Then something like my accident happens and, in a matter of seconds, a life is transformed from being total independent to being totally dependent. It is a very rude and abrupt awakening, not to mention a totally humbling experience.

Put a value of feeling self-worth, pride and dignity … priceless! Now, with the assistance of Thanksgiving House, I am looking forward to the future. A future where I will be able to function independently, taking the burden off others and allowing me to regain some of my self-esteem that I lost when I became incapacitated.

Thank you, Thanksgiving House, so very much.”

-Skip Gleavey

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