Project 2008

SEED San Diego

Project 2008

SEED San DiegoStudents erecting a fence at Rosalie’s house

Our client in 2008 was Rosalie, a charming lady with a passion for salsa dancing. Her doctors were never able to definitely confirm the cause of her paralysis. For over a year Rosalie lived with relatives whose house could not accommodate her wheelchair and she was forced to bathe outside using a garden hose. When Rosalie decided to try to return to her own small house, Thanksgiving House and other organizations stepped forward to make the changes necessary to allow her to navigate safely and easily though her house. Thanksgiving House remodeled Rosalie’s house to meet ADA standards and provide access to kitchen and bathroom facilities by widening doorways, lowering cabinets, adding ramps and emergency exits, replacing appliances, and installing a wheelchair accessible shower. In addition, many aesthetic changes were made to brighten her house and make it a more pleasant place to spend her time. Rosalie has since resumed her passion for dancing by joining a wheelchair salsa dancing group.

Scenes from the workday

SEED San Diego SEED San DiegoSEED San Diego

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